Scribbish (a theme for blogs)

Scribbish is a theme for Typo, Mephisto, and WordPress. In case you’re wondering what it looks like, wonder no more. I’m using it here on this site.

Its layout standardizes on a simple xhtml structure, blog entries are formatted using the hAtom microformat specification, and styles are separated into individual files which are included in the correct order, making it easier to control the cascade and to figure out ‘what-goes-where’.



Scribbish is released under the MIT license.


The current version is 3.0.

DeLynn Berry created the Mephisto version
Kenny Pitt created the WordPress version


The Mephisto version works with Mephisto 0.7 and up. There are a few things that are borked, but now that I’ve finally switched to Mephisto for all my Blahhging needs, I’ll get the kinks worked out real soon.

When using Scribbish for typo from svn, it will probably only work with edge-typo. To obtain the latest version of typo using subversion, see

If you’re looking for older versions of Scribbish, scroll down a bit.



If you’re using Typo, good news! Scribbish is already built-in. If you prefer the DIY approach, allow me to facilitate: unpack the archive in the themes directory at the root of your typo application like so:

$ curl -O
$ tar -xzf scribbish-x.x.tar.gz

The Scribbish theme will now show up in the typo back-end under the ‘Themes’ tab. All you have to do is activate it.


From the design section of the Mephisto back-end, click ‘Import new theme’, browse for the ZIP, and upload it. When you upload a theme, it will not be applied automatically. You will need to do this through the themes interface.

Subversion access

You can check out the latest version of Scribbish from the subversion repository.


The Mephisto version is in its own branch.



Feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you find bugs, oddities, or have questions, please email me at packagethief[at] If you’re using Scribbish on your site, thanks! You should drop me a line and let me know.

Ancient Releases (for whatever reason)